Hi, I'm John Adams. If you're currently taking the Udacity course "Intro to Salesforce App Development" and find yourself stuck on one of the lessons, search this answer archive (start with the Tips Directory over on the right side) that I compiled. You just might find the solution you're looking for!

There’s a Tips Directory over on the right (videos, screen shots and more!). The descriptive text doesn't always describe everything that is in the post so if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in the list try the search box.

I’m also compiling a list of Links to free resources that may prove helpful in your quest to solve a problem or expand your knowledge of the Salesforce tools. There’s a form (left side of the blog) for submitting suggestions if you know of a resource that I should add.

The YouTube page includes a long list of videos I’ve found although there are probably hundreds, if not thousands (!), more available by now so not sure I intend to keep adding to this list. I’m certain there is a better way to utilize that resource so I’m still pondering the future of the page.

Finally, the Volunteer To Learn page. Since I currently do not work for a company that has a corporate Salesforce account my learning experience has been limited to what is possible with the Developer account and the activity (and problems) that one person can create. In my effort to identify alternatives for gaining real-world experience I was directed to the non-profit community but have yet to find a local non-profit that is using Salesforce. Given that I believe this is a great idea in principle but have found it to be not very well implemented I have decided to push the idea forward a little. This blog will be a starting point for creating a marketplace where non-profits and volunteer (inexperienced) admins can come together for mutual benefit. I just recently started this initiative so don’t have a lot of material on that page yet but if you’re interested watch this space for updates or if you prefer submit your name and email through the suggestion form and I’ll add you to the distribution list for updates. (no spam, I promise)